Anubhav Smarak Sansthan

We Are Growing Under The Blessing Of.

She was a mine of spirituality, She had deep faith in religions. Spirituality was very vast and interesting subject for her. As “Guru” She was path to God”. Anubhav Smarak Sansthan is named after shri Anubhav shreeji .She contributed for the welfare of the people in society. In most of her speeches, there were such effective elements for the benefit of human being.

She played significant role in the growing of moral value among all humans.She dreamt of the school that would imapart values of Jain religion A.D. Daga Public School is the result of her dream only. she became successful in establishing Jainism as the important world religion. She was very intelligent person with in-depth knowledge of Jain values.

From the desk of Our Chairman

The role of a school should not only to pursue academic brilliance but also to encourage and allow its students to be ultimate learners. Since 2008 we the team of A.D DGA Public School working on same path. The school that is being run under the aegis of well recognized “Anubhav Smarak Sansthan” at A.D Daga school we provide an atmosphere to our students for all-around development, where children are motivated to know their potential in the chase of excellence. We identify the talents, skills, and abilities of each student and nurtured them to great heights. The school is determined to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values including with extra-curricular activities and academics in the children. I am confident that STUDENTS of A.D.Daga will be the shining stars of future that will make parents ,teachers, and whole India proud.

Mr. Kushal Chand Daga


Meet Our Teachers

These are our branches, which holds the students as flower and nourish them.

Dr. Neeta Singh Soni

Mr. Dilip Prakash Purohit
Vice Principal

Ms. Hemlata Harchandani

Mrs. Lalita Trivedi
Hindi HOD

Mr. Naresh Panwar
English HOD

Mr. Jitendra Harchandani
Maths HOD

Mr. Sanjay Mehta
Office Admin

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