Meet Our Principal

Dr. Neeta Singh Soni is the Principal of our school. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience in different capacities at A. D. Daga Public School. She is synonymous with the culture, traditions and ethos that our school represents and stands for.

Keeping abreast with the changing paradigms and technological advances in the field of education, She has always emphasized on taking teaching and learning beyond classroom and encouraged creativity, collaboration and critical thinking among students.

She inspires the students to strive for excellence and realize their full potential with a positive outlook towards life. Under her able leadership the students of A. D. Daga Public School won multitudinous prizes in the various Inter-House- literary, cultural and sports competitions.

As a true ‘guru’ not only she inspires her students to look in a particular direction but also empowers them to search for and achieve their aim independently. She is always entrusted with the responsibility of the coordinator for the Annual Prize Giving function and Euphoria, this shows that the School Management’s trust in her capabilities and experience.

Why Choose Us

Years Of Excellence
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Our School Library

Books play an essential role in everyone’s life. It helps to expand our capabilities, to know more about things that interest us. A library is a place that solves this problem. School Library is the place where kids are introduced to the magical world of books. Where they can read and know about anything, they want to know. Our school is equipped with well maintained library covering the books above 12500 in numbers of various subjects & general knowledge. There is a separate reading room in the library where students could go and read whatever they like, but maintain silence. Lots of knowledge could be acquired from a library and our school library has a great collection of books, which makes this a lot easier for students to gather information.

Our School Playground

We have a play ground in front of our school building. Before the school we gather here for our general assembly. It has a standard size of 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. It is covered with soft and green grass. it is also encircled with a. boundary line. There are many kinds of tall trees all around of it. It makes our school play ground more beautiful. Our play ground is sunny and high land. Flood water does not come here. Our school play ground is regarded as a sporting paradise. It is as like as a children park. We also use it as our school campus. We always keep it neat and clean. School playgrounds are in a unique position to meet kids where they are, helping them become smarter, healthier and stronger through play. Studies show that outdoor physical activity not only benefits a child’s health but improves classroom performance, increases cognitive development and hones social skills.